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led to the death of the u.s. ambassador to the u.s. and a staffer and other people may be dead or injured right now. >> steve: the report coming to us. the state department said they have nothing for us right now. according to reuters, the ambassor and his team were trying to move to a safer place when they were hit. >> brian: the iran pastor put out a voand it seems like yesterday they were celebrating our entrance there and cheering us as saviors as we got rid of qaddafi and now trying to kill our state department officials . we are trying to get confirmation if they lost their lives due to a rocket attack. >> >> gretchen: the film depicts mohammed as a womanizer and pedophile and fraud and bound to offend many muslims. it within out on youtube, the trailer for it. and that has caused violence in libya and no better in egypt right now. we have seen the crowd shouts and that is cairo right now. >> steve: keep in mind the danish cartoonist simply drew a image of mohammed and that caused him to wind up losing his life. muslims find it offensive to depict mohammed in any fashion
are tracking a busy morning here. we have spoke to folks on the ground outside of the u.s. embassy in yemen. basically the situation is under control. there is couple of thousand of people outside of the embassy and a thousand yemen security fores trying to keep it under control. you have a security house in front of the main building. some of the demonstrators got in and tore down items and did damage but no shots were fired and no injuries were incurred and still a fluid situation there. and as you know in cairo, again through the night there was rock throwing and tear gas shooting by the police against the protestors, this is after the big violence we saw earlier in the week there. there is a call for calm from the president of the egypt today and calls for a peaceful protest and it is not turning out that way in cairo. that happened in cairo and yemen. it is believed to be airing or the distribution of the internet of the u.s. made film, film made in the u.s. critical of the muslim prophet mohammed and nais one motivator for the violence that we saw on tuesday in benghazi in libya. that
people you described? >> yes, right now in terms of the violence outside of the u.s. embassy, all of the protest outside of the u.s. embassy stopped for several hours on wednesday and picked up again on wednesday night. we are talking about a new cast of the characters . the people throwing rocks at the police have been doing that for 8 months. they want to go out there and basically bust heads . the sulaties and muslim brotherhood have outrage. but the violence is coming from a different group. and we have seen these people in the year long opera here in egypt will take any opportunity to express the anger not at the u.s. embassy but the police officers here in their own country and a lot of that is because of poverty. >> brian: but burning our flag and chanting osama bin laden that is a direct agenda which we have a heard time understanding. thank you, matt. >> gretchen: let's set the scene for you. remember when president obama went to cairo after he became united states, and he gave a speech that was an outreach to muslim and apologetic from the united states. his theory if i
. it happened near one of the main u.s. bases there. and a thousand protestors burning cars and throwing rocks. the barriers of the base were not breeched. next door pakistan. there was trouble in the main business city of the karachi. the u.s. consullate was challenged. overall staffers are okay . new word in stan tan. shower of a violent protest. in lebanon, a call for protest coming from the shia militant leader. he ordered his supporters out. and he waited for a couple of days because the pope was visiting lebanon loult the weekend. here in tunisia u.s. embassy is operating on a emergency basis. most family and staffers were ordered out over the weekend by the state department and that followed a nasty protest on friday. it is tense here, too. guys, back to you. >> steve: greg, thank you very much. we are hearing more about the terror attack on the consulate in libya. one of the security guard was armed with a walkie-talkie. said the attack started simultanously with guys in masks over three directions. >> gretchen: even the libyan president mazarif. i hope i said that right. he's claims p
attacking. as the violence is escalating . u.s. suspending patrol after the spike of insider attacks. conor powell joins us from kabul, afghanistan with the latest on the situation there, what can you tell us? >> the afghan authorities raised the death tollto 12 people. eight of those dead was south africa and russia employees. they were employees at 6 mornino the kabul airport and believed to be workers for the charter solutions company and provides diplomatic air support for afghanistan as they move around the country. 6:00 in the morning, a vehicle fulled of explosives ran into the minibus . the shocking thing, taliban said it was a 22 year old female who was the homicide suicide bomber. this is a rare thing in afghanistan. i can only remember one or two time in afghanistan where a female was the attacker. but as i said, 12 people are dead and death tollcould be raised as other afghans were injured outside of the area. the death tollis symbolic of afghanistan, a lot of unrest as a result of that anti-islamic film. the u.s. military changed its stance on joint patrols with afghans . 51 in
for president obama and showed mitt romney 's numbers coming up. >> gretchen: i think one of the first times we should look at polls in sin seitey is after one or two of the debates. hopefully they will talk about the issues and hopefully the questions will be fair and hopefully the american people will decide who they want to run this country. the polls may reflect what we are hearing and they are asked the same question. >> steve: let's just hope that the people who ask the questions do it fairly. in the mean time is this fair? you have the u.s. department of justice. they have been colluding and essentially contacting media matters for america for a while. and there is a reason for it. they are apparently they are trying to spin their way out of bad publicity regarding fast and furious and eric holder and stuff like that. a senior department much justice spokeswoman by the name of tracey smaller has been trying to plant the stories with media matters and there is a trail that the department of justice that the united states of america has been colluding with a far left attack dog. that is ju
in the defense unless congress steps in. it s all about the sequester. >> brian: incredible. he's no master of disguy. an illegal immigrant was trying to hide in a seat to cross the border from morroro to spain. police touched the seat and felt a human. he was ticklish. all three were taken boo custody. >> gretchen: these heels are made for walking. looking for relief for women walking around heelings. a massachusetts woman comes with convert. they start out short and get taller it is called day to night and start around $300. that would aleviate me from going from flip flop to five inch. >> brian: greatest invention is the pocket chair and this is bigger. >> gretchen: i waited for the guy's take. >> brian: this is bigger. >> steve: kind of like they came out with the schools that were roll are skates. >> brian: they took off didn't they. i haven't seen anyone walking or skating. >> gretchen: out on the promenade from time to time. >> brian: if you have shoe skates our winnow >> steve: no, it is raining. >> brian: don't make a excuse. >> steve: let me show you the maps where it is ranning a
: and the curtain initiative. >> gretchen: we should have stayed home. darn we are here. top level meeting between u.s. and egypt since anti-american protestors stormed our embassy. secretary of state meeting with president morsi. morsi assured clinon that protecting the embassy was the duty. nato troops spoiling the insider attack. special ops team arresting to afghans that are planning to attack a coalition base. first time nato thwarted an insider attack that kill would 51 troops. disturbing discovery. in addition to the marijuana-heroin and prescription drugs. three kids, too. 8, 7, and 5 . trapped in the trunk. they got suspicious when they heard a thumping sound. they hadn't eaten since the night before. the cops arrested the 28 year old mom and her fiance. >> two grown men in suit. duking it out on a cab in new york city. >> and finally one man prevailed and not because the loser gives a smack on the hid. >> steve: keep the tip. everyone will know who they are. >> steve: i believe that is park avenue. one of the swankiest neighbors. >> brian: they get angry, too. >> steve: just a couple of bloc
to attacks on 9/11 they had a well planned attack against the u.s. again . you don't admit they will not stop. >> steve: they want answers. >> gretchen: did the president start attending the intelemeetings because of benghazi or happened in libya or someone wrote an arcticle that he was not attending and suddenly he started to attend. >> brian: the day before the attacks on 9-leb e 10. the president marked the concern and sent warning out? >> steve: in fact the washington post fact checker took them to task and said he's wrong. the president might have attended less than half, but he reads them every day. he went to the pages of the washington post and gave the fact checker four pinonchios. >> gretchen: the president will speak to crowds in bowling green state university and penn state. as for mitt romney he will get a boost from jack nicholas in a rally in columbus and he wasted no time letting people know that the status quo hasn't worked. >> we have an ambassador assassinate 20,000 people killed in syria and muslimhood leader be the new president of egypt and iran is moving closer to close
from the actul reality. >> as i travel around for the campaigning of the u.s. senate. i hear woman talk about the burdens and i don't hear them saying someone else need toz fay per my birth control pills. >> gretchen: 692,000 more women unemployed and that is unchanged and women are facing the same unemployment crisis, not just men. >> slout low a million more women are unemployed than when my opponent took control in the senate and president obama took office. >> gretchen: how is president obama and mitt romney doing with the women vote. in the last lention against john mccane he did well. what should mitt romney do in >> he is addressing himself to job creation. that's what women want to hear about. they will not want to hear who is paying for the birth control? they can pay for them if they have yobs . that is it a concern for them. >> gretchen: wendy long is running for the senate in new york. coming up on "fox and friends", sir sean connery gate crashing a performance? and president obama wants four more years. higher tax to obama care and a look at his plan. a debate coming up nex
. >> gretchen: al-qaida confirming the senior leader is dead. back in june, the u.s. government announced they had killed him in . and this morning, is the first time al-qaida acknowledged his death. libi was one of the handful of operatives who promoted the case to the militant young. libi escaped a high security prison in afghanistan be you upon. 350,000 students will not learn a thing today in chicago because of the teachers striking again today. thousands of toachers and supporters marched to city hall complaining about the valuation students . >> i didn't think they would go this far. it is a poor decision making . everyone felt it was a statement to make and it shows lack of support for the kids. >> gretchen: the district is hopeful for a resolution today. wrestling ladies and gentlemen jerry lawler had a heart attack. his broadcast partner emotional in the moments after. >> typical jerry lawler fashion fought hard and our thoughts and prayers are with you. we'll hope to have more. come on, king get through lawler was given cpr on the scene who is 62a years old is breathing on his o
through a barricade throwing bricks. several people were injured . angry protestors tried to storm the u.s. consulate chanting death to america . it is a familiar chant these days it is not the first time the consulate was under attack. 350,000 chicago students are heading back to school this morning. the chicago's teacher's union back in the class. >> it is exciting and let's get going. >> the new deal gives teachers a 7 percent raise and they fought off the new esystem . but they will have to work longer days. children in kindergarten will get two and half more years of instruction by the time they graduate. police in arizona will enforce a key part of the immigration law . the judge will be allowing officers to inspect the papers of those they suspect are here illegally. president obama making a shop on the late show and he talked about libya and politics and beer that he brews in the white house. >> is that legal? >> i don't know. we started making it and then somebody said do we need a license for this? and now we got a little operation going there and you know, if the presidency thin
. three years after it began, the surge of u.s. troops to afghanistan is over. additional 33,000 militaries are out of the country. defense secretary leon panetta said the surge accomplished the objective of accomplishing the taliban momentum on the battlefield. this coming as the transition is threatened by a spike in insider attacks killing american trops and nato forces. botched fast and furous controversy far from over. they are admitting 1300 guns that are not accounted for in mexico and the united states. many of them are aka assault rifles. two of them were found in a site that killed briantery. dark knight shooter ditching the joker costume. james holmes appeared in court without dyed hair. he seemed to pay attention and smiled as prosecutors dropped their fight to get the notebook. it contained violent description of a planned attack. look at shocking video. a soccer player picked up a live grenade and toss itself off to the size before it explodes. it happened in the asian quarter match and believed that someone threw it on the field. no one was hurt but the game wa
was a state senator and i was president of the united states and this is the first lady and she was a u.s. senator from new york . that's how i look at it and not like a racial thing. >> steve: to this day however, he feels that barack obama played the race card on him. there is animosity and you have to figure to see how awn bill linton gives the speech tomorrow night. a top clinton aide, long-time advisor to william jefferson clinton will throw his support to mitt romney. he rationalizes that if mitt romney wins, it would leave hillary as the undisputed winner of the democrat party and propel the woman he supports, hillary to the presidency in four years, n if that happensney doesn't in november. >> brian: they also say the former president has a lot of respect for the honest and support his wife has gotten from the president of the united states since they were serving together and one thing they are worried about in light of clint eastwood, they are worried about the behind the scenes differences between the camps. >> gretchen: if you go back and look at the speech that the president
happened. no one wants to get to the bottom of this more than we do . >> mike rogers said the u.s. was caught flat footed allows a terrorist group to storm the consulate. >> there is indication that they knew the ambassador was there or at the area. but 9/11 is more important to that equation than the ambassador . it was wildly successful beyond their dreams and to be able to kill the american face in libya. >> the fbi is not commentog the status of its investigation . the agents are on the ground and they are not in benghazi itself . >> gretchen: thank you so much, kelly. >> steve: 67th annual united nation's general assemy will kick off. our president will make a speech but not meet with them. but he will meet with the ladies of the view. that was the topic of rogert bibs and chris wallace. watch >> i want to go back to the un and new york this week. he's got schedules and foreign leaders have schedules, but the president has blocked out time to appear on the view on tuesday, so he has time for whoopy goldberg but not world leaders? >> no, chris, look, the president will be acti
a car in a u.s. vehicle killing two pakistani and injuries others. two americans are among the injured. and a former assistance for lance armstrong claiming that armstrong said everyone does it when asked about doping. mike anderson said armstrong had banned steroids in the medicine cabinet. armstrong denied the doping. we'll go back to the set. >> steve: thank you, gretch. in last week's rnc republicans had themes of "we built if." how will the democrats counter that message. joining us live from the nascar hall of fame national democratic strategist bob weiner and shawn spisit. last week republicans had an effective week in tampa. how do you counter that. >> clint eastwood talked about the empty chair and romney is the empty suit. he has no specific lans. just yesterday they are the party that wants to decimate medicare and social security and cut half. >> steve: really. that is news to me. >> it is new to the american people given the ads republicans are putting out there. >> steve: shawn, mitt romney empty suits . his likeability went up in a 6-point swing. >> governor romney laid
are a few hours from the beach. there is it an amazing facility call would the u.s. national white water center. check it out. ♪ tell me about this place it is not only about white water rasting but an active life style. >> it is 400 acre to play in. we have zip lines and road courses and we are the largest man made white rafting in the world. >> i have lived in a concrete jungle. what is the average time to get up the wall in >> in 20. >> we probably ought to start the clock. ♪ one, two, three. [applause] yes. twinkle toes. >> okay can i go down. >> we'll go on this course here. >> gretchen: team building is what you do. and companies come out with their employees. >> yes, they do. it is a valuable asset. they have fun and mesh and work better in the work place. >> i am ready. let's go to it. twinkle itoseon the go. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, look no hands. ♪ this is tricky. >> tricky. >> it is tricky. what are you waiting on slow poke. come on . ♪ ♪ hey. here goes nothing. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ note ♪ ♪ >> this is how much i love fox news. >> brian: happiest drowning swimmer i have
, the u.s. debt officially hit 16 trillion. last week the republicans had the debt clock up in tampa. they don't have a debt clock here. it surpassed $16 trillion. somebody dug this up. 16 trillion dollars. how much money is that. you would have to spend $907,000 every hour since jesus christ was buried to accumulate 16 trillion to have that much money. >> gretchen: it is the year 2012. we will forge ahead. we are talking about mitt romney for not addressing afghanistan. what does the american veterans say about that. >> brian: sometimes the man in the solyndra scandal runs to the elevator away from the news media. ♪ ♪ it is by the light. ♪ she got down, but she never thought she was going to make it through the night. ♪ she's going to make it -- >> live from the dnc elizabeth warren talks economic policy in the convention . former president bill clinton joins the party. -[ taste buds ] donuts, donuts! -who are these guys? -oh, that's just my buds. -bacon. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] donuts. how about we try this new kind of fiber one cereal? you think you're going to sli
deliciously real. >> steve: some quick friday morning head. u.s. military judge rheuming that the suspect in ford hood must be clean shaven. his beard because of his muslim faith, but the judge said there is no evidence that that is true . and a stunning report reporting that our country's health care system weighs 750 billion each year. blaming it on unnecessary seciouses and fraud, and inefficient care. all right. street sweeper goes by, gretchen, over to you. >> gretchen: they are on time every morning. six time tim 25 . streets are cleaning up. dnc called paul ryan extremist. >> the current right wing republican not only haven't made - on learned from the mistakes. we'll not let it happen. >> one side of the campaign, we have a president lead like america again and what is on the other side? an extreme and expediet cand date who lacks the vision for the oval and most inexperienced foreign policy twosome to run for president and vice president for decades. >> gretchen: democrats booing the reinstatement of god the question is who are the real extremist. i know you are about to jump out
24 hours, because we have assets on the ground in libya. >> gretchen: when the u.s. ambassador to the united nations susan rice went on the talk shows it was a chest - orchesterated line. within 24 hours they knew it was a terrorist attack and how did they know that? they have to classify it as a terrorist attack to get the right people in action to go in investigate. that had happened. >> brian: there is a couple of problems with it 24 hours after the attacks we knew, there was intelligence knew. whether ambassador rice or president obama knew. i would have to assume they did know. they went everywhere saying we had no idea and blamed the movie. hilary clinton blamed the movie three times in the after math and jay carny blay amed the movie and president obama in the un podium mentioned the mouvy and not being -- being part of the reason for the killings. charles has a summary. let's listen to them. >> why did they deceive? it is obvious. the attack tock place five days after the democrats had spent ape week in charlotte spiking the football on osama and the only foreign policy
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)